CoMeDPro creates opportunities for local small businesses making products for the agri-food and traditional craft sectors

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  • Mediterranean Experience website

    A tourist product has been developed as a result of this project, and a  website, that will stay active during 2016, was presented This website provides information on companies specialised in olive oil and wine, cheese, pasta and local craft products, and other related sectors (restaurants, accommodation, museums, leisure…
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  • Transnational on-line business event

    The international online event for companies from Catalonia, Israel and Italy taking part in the CoMeDPro project was held on 11th February 2016. This online meeting between companies from the project's three partner countries was organised to enable the companies to learn about the products made in the other countries…
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  • CoMeDPro Final Conference

    The closing activities for this European project, developed during 2014 and 2015, were held on 14th, 15th  and 16th December 2015. During the first day, the project's international partners met for a working session at the Ministry to review the activities that had been completed and those that were still…
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  • Training in agri-tourism communication, internationalisation and promotion

    During November and December, a number of courses were given in Baradili to business owners, students, unemployed people and others interested in issues relating to the agrifood industry, tourism and internationalisation The training programme is as follows: 17 November, Dr Delia Cualbu ‘Promotion on the Web and in the social…
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