In Catalonia, CoMeDPro is focused on the olive oil and wine sector.

live oil and wine are two local products with long-standing traditions that are deeply rooted in agri-food culture, which explains the excellent quality of the products and the variability in size and type of the business fabric.

The programme is aimed at facilitating the creation of business initiatives providing economic stimulus for commercialisation and sales, and to provide leisure and cultural activities and knowledge of the region.

Geographical area

CoMeDPro operates in areas of Catalonia where wine and olive oil designations of origin coincide.

Objectives at regional level

  • To promote an increase in consumption of PDO top-quality olive oil and wine.
  • To facilitate the improvement of marketing and distribution strategies to aid the commercialisation and sale of PDO olive oil and wine produced in Catalonia.
  • To increase consumption of quality oil and wine in tourist establishments, through the creation of synergies between producers and restaurateurs.
  • To offer training and advice to improve the business management of wineries and oil mills in PDO areas.
  • To foster entrepreneurship and the creation of wine and olive oil tourism services.
  • To foster cultural, historical and social knowledge of the land surrounding the world of olive oil and wine.
  • To promote business collaboration to boost the local sale of olive oil and wine.
  • To establish new commercial relationships and share knowledge and experiences between partners from the north and south of the Mediterranean Basin.