In Israel CoMeDPro focuses on the sectors of traditional agricultural, agro-production, handicraft and tourism along cultural and heritage routes.

The program aims to stimulate competitiveness of traditional crafts and local product businesses, facilitate jobs’ creation and enhance workers’ qualification with a cross-border vision, thus contributing to hasten the exchange of people and goods between Mediterranean shores.

Geographical area

The program CoMeDPro is being implemented in the two areas: the Gospel Trail in the North and the Spice Route in the South. The project was extended to include businesses in the entire Galilee region.


  • Stimulation of competitiveness of traditional crafts and local product businesses.
  • Reinforcement of business competitiveness through the implementation of expert training.
  • Provision of new marketing strategies allowing the businesses to increase their sales.
  • Encouragement of the collaboration between businesses taking part in the project in Israel and abroad.
  • Promoting the singularity of authentic traditional products and local customs in areas rich with historical, cultural and religious sites.
    Development of the touristic aspect in the traditional agricultural and agro-production.
  • Encouragement of investments and entrepreneurship in the eligible areas.
  • Establishment of new business relations and exchange of knowledge and experiences between partners from both shores of the Mediterranean basin.