In Sardinia, CoMeDPro works in different areas, focusing on the olive, the wine, the cheese and the fresh pasta sector.

These products, different according to the eligible territories, they represent a transformation of the historical local products contributing to the definition of the culinary tradition diffused in the regional territory and at the basis of the Mediterranean diet.

The program goal is to facilitate the opportunities of commercialisation of these products abroad, then to promote and to improve corporate culture through dedicated training opportunities, in connection with the cultural and the touristic sectors.

Geographical area

CoMeDProd works in the mid-west areas of Sardinia, deeply characterised by an agribusiness tradition and by the many and largely diffused PDO and PGI products related to the aforesaid sectors. It connects coastal and inland areas.


Map: Wikimedia Commons

Objectives at regional level

  • To promote producers networking.
  • Encourage the consumption of high-quality products in the territory for the strengthening of the internal market.
  • To establish synergies between high-quality products and non-hotel accommodations and restaurant facilities.
  • To strengthen the ability to do business of the small-sized enterprises in the sector.
  • To create a long-term network between producers and tourist facilities.
  • To provide training in order to find new marketing and e-commerce strategies, as well as new approaches in welcome and hospitality in the company through the storytelling about the territory and the healthy eating.
  • To foster the commercialisation of high-quality products abroad.
  • To create a platform to encourage commerce between the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.