The meaning of CoMeDPro

The Mediterranean Basin has always been a common area characterised by the intense exchange of people, culture, goods and values between the different countries. Today the contribution of traditional local products such as wine, olive oil, cheeses, and other products from rural areas is decreasing due to a number of factors, including population decrease, abandoning of agriculture and loss of competitiveness of small businesses. For this reason coordinated action is required to improve opportunities for small businesses involved in making agri-food products and traditional crafts. With this objective CoMeDPro, or the Common Mediterranean Development Project, is born as part of the European ENPI CBC Med Programme. This programme enables cross-border cooperation between European Union (EU) countries and partner countries in regions located along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia and Israel, in this case.

General Objective

To boost the competitiveness of businesses producing wine, olive oil, cheeses and craft products (depending on the region in which the project is developed), cooperating with key agents in economic development, job creation and capacity building amongst workers from a cross-border perspective, in order to contribute to boosting the exchange of people and goods in the Mediterranean region.

Specific Objectives

  • To improve the performance of companies producing agri-food, local and craft products in the three Mediterranean regions.
  • To improve the quality standards of companies in the cross-border tourism network.
  • To revitalize the sector by increasing business opportunities and creating employment.
  • To increase support for the sector through agents.

Main results expected

  1. Creation of a cross-border route to learn about the peculiarities of the three participant territories involving the traditional craft and local product companies with the same quality standards.
  2. Drawing up of a breakdown by sector of the challenges and opportunities for traditional craft and local product companies and definition of a common cross-border framework and consolidation and incubation programmes specific to these sectors.
  3. Strengthening of the competitiveness of businesses through support strategies by business experts materialized in individual action plans that aim to help businesses meet quality standards, meet challenges and overcome common difficulties in the sector.
  4. Creation of new craft and local product companies in each territory, applying specific investment strategies.
  5. Sharing of examples of good craft and local-product business practices between the two shores of the Mediterranean.
  6. Improvement in the technique and skills of management and workers in craft and local product companies in the regions and unemployed people hoping to find work.
  7. Provision of tools for small and new craft and local product companies on the two shores so that they can make the most of national and cross-border business opportunities.
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