Business angels

Support for entrepreneurs and projects with entrepreneurial potential

Within the CoMeDPro programme, support will be provided for the creation of business models and lines featuring innovative actions, aimed at offering services and products within the lines of action of the CoMeDPro programme.

The programme’s specific actions will be as follows:

  • Identify innovative projects
  • Assess them
  • Prepare projects for the introductory seminar

At the same time, a search will be made for investors and partners willing to cooperate.

Finally, a meeting will be held between companies and investors. At this meeting, the 10 entrepreneurial projects with greatest potential for success will be presented.

The objective pursued by the meeting is to create new, strong companies supported by experts and capital. Thus:

  • The entrepreneur will be able to find partners and capital in the same place.
  • The partner will be able to find experienced or specialized business owners and decide to work with them, in exchange for a profit.
  • The investor will be able to choose between different profitable investment alternatives.

This action will be carried out in each of the countries taking part in the CoMeDPro project.

You will find more information at the links below:

Presented projects

    • Catalunya. Barcelona. December 15th 2015 .    VIDEO -Barcelona-
    • Israel. Haifa. December 20th 2015
    • Sardenya. Morgongiori. December 29th 2015