Business advice

Business competitiveness is reinforced through the implementation of expert training resulting in action plans aimed at helping businesses meet the defined quality standards and overcome challenges and constraints that are common to their sector.

An external expert team hired by each partner and draft of a working methodology common to all partners and dissemination to businesses involved in the transnational touristic trail.

Expert training to 400 businesses in order to help them accomplish the quality standards of the touristic trail as well as improve their overall sector performance (including finance, marketing and sales, production, human resources, management and leadership, etc.), and implementation of action plans.


External consultants

To participate in the activities of the above business sectors comply with entry sectorial, geographical dimension of business and product quality requirements (defined by each of the participating partners).

Quality standards for participants to acquire the three territories are:

Quality standards

  • Openness: opening 120 days a year at least.
  • External information board (opening days, working hours).
  • Clear indications for the business (address, email, maps or signs).
  • Product selling point with prices displayed.

Points to improve by the effect of participation in the program

(Points are required to be included in the transnational touristic trail)

  • Physical space with information to visitors / clients on CoMeDPro Project and its area of operation.
  • Accepting payment with credit cards.
  • Control and maintenance plan for facilities open to public.
  • Protocol for assisting costumers/clients.
  • Accessibility (parking or easy accessibility to the area or shop or virtual tour).

It will do a report evaluating the results achieved and review of the common framework and sector-based business development programmes in the light of findings and results stemming from the expert training.

Bussines advice