Transnational Online business

CoMeDPro partners organized a transnational online business meeting where businesses from the three territories having joined in the touristic trail will have the opportunity to meet online and explore commercial as well as cooperation opportunities.

Businesses were selected by partners. We hope that will result some cross-border business cooperation agreements.

Here you have the information of participant businesses and showed videos.


Celler Masroig

Cooperativa Montbrió del Camp

Cooperativa Serra D’Almos

Celler Hugas de Batlle

Celler cooperatiu d’Espolla


Oleificio Marras

Cantina Valle di Accoro

Formaggi Zanda

Pastificio Casti

Cantina Lilliu


Dr. Dabour

Faran Cosmetic

Meadan Craft Brewing

Danz Winery

Sde Boker Winery