Celler Visendra

What is Visendra Cellar?

Visendra is a little familiar cellar, it is David and Xavier Sendra’s brother’s, personal project.

Some interesting Visendra facts

  • Location: Les Pobles, Alt Camp
  • Start date: 2010
  • First harvest: 2011
  • Productive capacity 30.000 litres. Now the cellar produces 11.000 bottles of wine, they are in process of development.

Why Visendra is interested in CoMeDPro program

Visendra has focused in the wine turism activities from it’s beginings. The cellar is located near Santes Creus Monastery, a special site, located in a rich nature enviroment and still unknown cultural heritage. Sendra brothers belive that the comercialization and sellings from it’s own cellar , and attending visitors are worth for it’s branch, and because of that the tourist activities are so important.

CoMeDPro contributes to improve the cellar


Before Xavi Sendra participated in the CoMeDPRo training they decided to do some changes in the cellar, and to improve their customer care and services:

  • They have changed the hall, the site is now more functional.
  • They have filmed an audiovisual production to show the vineyards evolution.
  • The Cellar social media plan is now more organized.

Visendra is a young cellar and it is in a growing process. They are going to export their products in the next years, as a developing option.

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