CoMeDPro specialists present work process followed

From the selection of participating companies, to detecting technical shortcomings and the design of a training plan to make up for them

CoMeDPro specialists in Sardinia kicked off the process to select the companies participating in the programme by contacting over 370 companies. Of these, 49 were selected from the sector producing extra virgin olive oil, cheese, wine and fresh pasta, along with a further 100 companies that provide agritourism services, all of which are located in the same area.

Following project directions, first a check was made to ensure that each company met the programme requirements and showed a willingness to improve visitor services and agritourism activities promotion. Thanks to a preliminary diagnosis, each company was offered the guidance and training that best helped them to improve their services.

The initial study detected a series of shortcomings in digital technical knowledge that prove a hindrance to innovation, expertise and competitiveness. The training plan therefore focused on making good these deficiencies.

In this respect, three capacity building workshops were organised on digital marketing, internationalisation, e-commerce and storytelling.