Promoting tourism activities through specialised business training

Israel’s Tourism Office is scheduling a training plan for tourism service business operators and owners on the Gospel Trail and the Spice Road

A number of seminars on different subjects have been organised in northern and southern Israel. The subjects and educational approach are determined in accordance with each territory’s specific needs. In general terms, courses and seminars have been organised on fostering enterprising spirit, management of tourism companies, promotion and marketing in adventure and travel tourism.

This training plan has targeted particularly the companies and small businesses located along the Spice Road and the Gospel Trail. Culture, tradition, religious history, folklore, spirituality and Bedouin culture are the base that articulates this area’s tourism activities and services. Accordingly, these are the points on which the training plan has been focused.

The training plan’s goal is to provide knowledge and resources to the course participants to grow their businesses and realise the economic potential provided by the territory’s tourism value, generating income from tourism services.

In the same spirit, CoMeDPro’s technical team in Israel has organised a meeting between entrepreneurs and business angels for 20 December next with the goal of

connecting interesting business initiatives with financial resources that will enable the former to develop and grow.