The CoMeDPro programme’s technical experts visited the companies taking part in the project

These visits pursue a two-fold goal: assess whether the requirements have been met and gather the participants’ opinion

The technical personnel responsible for the programme in Catalonia have visited the participating olive oil and wine-producing companies and some of the complementary services companies.

From the very first moment, the participating companies undertook to make the necessary changes to improve the service provided to visitors and customers. As a direct effect of the training and counselling services provided, the companies have been able to identify their improvement priorities and start making the required investments. With these visits, the technical specialists have been able to determine the degree to which these changes have been made in each company.

In addition, the on-site visits provide a means for ascertaining each participant’s opinion and vision. After an intense period of several months’ work, training and management changes, the visits can offer a very interesting vision which will help the technical experts assess the results of the CoMeDPro programme.