Transnational on-line business event

The international online event for companies from Catalonia, Israel and Italy taking part in the CoMeDPro project was held on 11th February 2016. This online meeting between companies from the project’s three partner countries was organised to enable the companies to learn about the products made in the other countries and discover new business opportunities.
Five companies from each country presented a video about themselves, lasting approximately 1 minute, which showed what they do and products they offer. In total, 15 videos were shown.
Lastly, there was a discussion session in which opinions were exchanged with the other participating companies from the three countries.
Hook-ups took place simultaneously at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food in Barcelona, the head offices of the Marmilla Local Action Group (LAG) in Ales, Sardinia, and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism in Jerusalem.
You can find the videos and information on the participating companies at:

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